Thank you for visiting Idaho On Fire.

I want to welcome you to this site and give you some idea of what we are about and what we hope to accomplish. This site was organized to change the political agenda that is mismanaging “Public Lands”, abolishing future economic opportunities and locking them up in Wilderness forever. The purposeful actions that continue to let our forests burn are removing historic economic opportunity leaving only the politically connected enriched and empowered. These environmentally sponsored policies must be challenged and changed. We aim to do just that.

I hope that you might be able to help us in this effort to bring federal “public land” management and jurisdiction back to the states, accountable to voters and not to special interest groups. This effort is no small task and will require the talents of many individuals. Everyone can do something, even if it is just passing along this message by asking your friends to join our email list and Facebook Group “Idaho On Fire”.

We will continue to bring issues and action items to your attention and I hope that you will help grow this site. This website is here to offer actionable redress to aid the exposure of the environmental agenda and public policies that are taking opportunity and prosperity from Americans.

Idaho’s forests are not the only things On Fire!

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