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We are asking for your help end federal mismanagement of our Public Lands. The effects of federal misguided policies have laid havoc to the American West. The consequences are obvious and ubiquitous. No matter how you look at it, our federal government has been completely co-opted by environmental policy. Policies and federal laws that have been used by the BLM and USFS to lay waste to those foundational enterprises and liberties that Made America Great.

Years of unabated wildfire and the death and destruction that it has wrought, is only one of many failures purposely perpetrated on the Western Way of Life. It doesn’t have be this way. In fact, the architecture that has restructured all federal agencies is Globalist in nature with a top-down power structure repugnant to Constitutional principles.

I’m appealing to everyone to help push back. I’m hoping that you will engage and support the following concept plan to bring the administration of public lands in Idaho back to the state and under state jurisdiction via local management authority.

To achieve this goal, we must:

  • Capture a large politically influential support base through social media and billboard messaging.
  • Bring Multiple Use factions together to address the impossible tasks of managing federal public lands under existing federal policies and mandates.
  • Expose the environmental cabal for what they are. Not the environmentalist’s they claim to be but as masters of all people, their resources and their ways of life.
  • Provide a public lands management solution based on local jurisdiction and local management expertise.
  • Improve opportunities for all pubic land users through economic development, recreational access and provisions for lasting environmental benefits for future generations to enjoy.
  • Influence State public lands policy through the legislative and executive branches.

How you can help:

  • Donate your time to move this project forward.
  • Sponsor a billboard messaging sign to capture the attention of the unaware (each 4’x8′ sign costs $75.00). Other message selections are under design now, you may want to send us a pithy phrase for our next addition. We will collect orders and distribute for a sign bloom in April. Pick out a high visibility site now.
  • Organize a local citizen’s group to advocate for better forest and public land management.
  • Join our email list so you can stay informed. Share articles on your social media pages. Ask your friends and family to join and participate.
  • Frequent this website IdahoOnFire.org to keep up with important news.
  • Join our Facebook Group “Idaho On Fire”. Invite your Facebook friends to join as well.
  • Write an article for this website. Give us your perspective.
  • Buy a bumper sticker for all your vehicles. Give a sticker to all your environmentalist friends.
  • Contact me with important news or if you have new ideas to help recruit membership or donations.

Fired Up and Fed Up!

Contact me for more information regarding how you can join and donate your time or dollars. Keep a fire burning in your heart, not on the landscape.

Idaho is on Fire!