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On Friday, July 26th, I will be conducting a tour of the historic General Custer and Lucky Boy mines. The tour is part of a weekend of fun and enlightenment scheduled for the Idaho Liberty Summit. There is no charge for this tour and all registered guests for the Summit are welcome.

The tour will begin at the ghost town of Custer located about 12 miles up the Yankee Fork at 10:00 AM. We will spend about 30 minutes there before going up the mountain top to the General Custer mine. You will have time to check out the entire Custer townsite with their self-guided walking tour after we finish the General Custer and Lucky Boy mine tour.

You will follow me up the mountain, about a 4-mile journey from Custer, in your a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We will team up to fill vehicles so we don’t have a mile-long caravan. Parking is available at the foot of the mountain. Bring your 4-wheelers and UTVs for a scenic drive beyond the gated property few see these days.

I will be talking about the history of the mine and some of the major players of the time. You will also get a bit a of geology lesson so bring your rock hammer and sample bags. You will see how they mined and hauled the ore down the mountain on a tram line. We will visit the old workings and townsite at the Lucky Boy mine too. Bring a camera!


The top of the mountain is at 8,500 feet so if altitude is a problem for you, then best stay at Custer. We will have lunch on the summit overlooking the vastness of Central Idaho. Lunch is on your own, bring plenty to drink.

We’ll finish the tour at 2:00 PM, giving you time to check out all the sites at the Custer townsite.

Please register now for the Idaho Liberty Summit 5. Details of the Summit will be posted soon on this site showing our guest speakers and events of the weekend. Plan to make Challis and Custer County your summertime vacation fun spot this year. Join us at our Idaho On Fire Facebook Group for more information about the Summit and our fight to bring Multiple Use opportunities back to the Federally Occupied Territories of Idaho.

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  1. Dear Darr & Dorothy,
    We really look forward to the Liberty Summit and mine tour.
    Please put us down for two.
    We don’t have an available 4 wheel drive. Think we can piggy-back with someone?
    Dieter & Regina Bayer

  2. Darr and Dorothy,
    Please add us to the list. Looking forward to the Summit
    Thank you,
    Dave and Tammy Woods

  3. Hi Darr, I will be attending. DOROTHY said there was a room. I’ll share with anyone. If I need housing in Challis let me know. I have a Tacoma 4 wheel drive that seats 5 if we need it.
    Thank you for invite. Mike Kingsley
    Is there fishing near by? I might stay extra day. 🙂

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